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Securing your home

What’s the best way to protect your home against burglaries with security?

Let’s be honest, even the best state-of-the-art alarm system is no match for hardened criminals. Even if you install security gates and burglar bars to all windows or outside doors, there’s no guarantee that you won’t fall victim to crime.

Be that as it may, every little bit helps: every security measure you implement makes it that little bit harder for criminals to get access to your home. For this reason alone, we really want to encourage you to do whatever it takes to secure your home.

Outsurance’s top 10 security tips.

1. Install a burglar alarm and make sure it’s activated every time you leave.

2. Install security lighting around your home (you may want to opt for motion-detectors).

3. Leave some of the lights on when you go out at night. If you can install a timer switch to switch lights off and on at set intervals, that’s even better.

4. Install good quality security gates to all outer doors and fence off your property and install good qaulity automatic gates for added protection.

5. Fit burglar bars over all opening windows.

6. Fit spacers, locks or bolts to all sliding doors to prevent thieves from lifting the door off its tracks.

7. Always lock all doors and windows when you leave your home and at night when you go to bed.

8. Make sure that all outside locks have a minimum of four lever locks or double cylinder security locks.

9. Do not leave a key on the inside of a door which has a glass panel or glass close to the door lock.

10. Don’t leave keys under doormats or under flower pots.

If you are looking for a trusted company to install qaulity security gates, get in touch with us here.

If you are looking to secure your home, get in touch with us.



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