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How does load-shedding Affect your Gate motor?

How does Load Shedding affect your gate Motor?


Let’s be honest, Eskom is failing and load shedding is here to stay. The load shedding is taking its toll on all of our electronic devices and equipment including your gate motor.

Most of our gate motors runs on a 12 volt system and is completely dependent on the backup battery to operate, the built in charger in most gate motors is designed to only top the battery power up after use and is to weak to deliver the required current to operate the motor on its own.

Lead acid gate motor batteries like your standard 7 amp hour battery is designed to with stand short power outages and allow you to operate your gate in emergency situations, it was not designed to go a full 2.5 hours of load shedding.

Therefore the lead acid batteries go into a deep discharge every time there is load shedding and when the battery recharges the bi metal plates corrodes a bit and damages the cells.

That is why at Cape winelands automation we decided  to use 8 AH deep cycle GEL batteries to replace the standard lead acid battery.

Not only can this battery take the punch of load shedding and the deep discharge and recharge, but it also offers 1 extra amp hour which simply means it will operate your Gate motor for longer than the standard lead acid battery when the power is down.

Additional measures that can be taken during load shedding.

1. Replace your current lead acid battery with a Gel battery

2. install a power save unit built by cape winelands automation that deactivates extarnal devices like intercom,loop detector, mag locks, to prolong battery life

3. Leave some of the lights on when you go out at night. If you can install a timer switch to switch lights off and on at set intervals, that’s even better.

4. For high traffic entrances with guards or low secuirity risk use our power fail system that automatically opens the gate during loadshedding and keep it open for the duration of the power failure (designed and built by cape winelands automation.)

5. Install a bigger battery system that will be able to manage high volume traffic.


If you are interested in replacing you lead acid battery with a GEL battery, or you need any other load shedding solution for your Gate motor Click  here.



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