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Intercom Systems

The Benefits of an Intercom System.

We offer intercom systems in Franschhoek, Paarl, Stellenbosch, Wellington and Durbanville. We live in a fast-paced world that offers us modern amenities and technologies. Home Intercom systems for residential buildings are one of them.

First of all, let’s understand what is an intercom system? An intercom system is nothing but a two-way communication device. It incorporates circuitry for transmitting and receiving audio or video transmissions.

The use of intercom starts decreasing with the invention of cellular communication, digital telephone systems, and other communication devices. But there are still lots of application where intercom systems work better than anything else.

Here are some examples of intercom systems we offer:

Wireless commercial intercom systems

A wireless system is used in the applications where wires cannot run. Today there is a broad spectrum of two-way communication devices. Such devices incorporate handheld radios, outdoor wireless call boxes, and traditional desktop devices.

Wired intercom systems

A wired system is used where you can run wires in the location. Such a system can give you a little more privacy. This form of voice communications eliminates possible interference from neighboring systems.

Video intercom system

These smart home systems typically incorporate a camera, speaker, as well as a push button. The push button goes at the entrance door. It further leads to an internal watch unit that can communicate with the entrance unit. Such systems incorporate many video monitors internally.

Here are key benefits of an intercom system


The wireless intercoms system gives you complete comfort since you do not have to get up every time to answer the door.

Advanced security

This system takes your home security to a whole new level. The system is a way that it connects the external front door unit with the internal in-house device. This way whenever someone presses the doorbell, you get an alert message. Through your screen, you can speak to the visitor.

This two-way communication system gives you the whole liberty to monitor the entrance of an unknown visitor. Furthermore, you can decide whether you want to let someone in or not. Therefore, an untoward incident or forced entry can be avoided.


As the cherry on the cake, a home intercom system is all about convenience along with being one of the best security systems. This system allows you to speak to anyone around your house. This feature can be extremely beneficial on a lazy weekend. The feature comes to your rescue if you are living with a disability.

This modern-day technology adds a degree of connectivity for everyone alongside the security advantages. This system allows you to easily connect with your larger automation infrastructure for even further benefits.

Monitoring children’s activities

An effective intercom system is of great help to parents. It helps them to keep an eye on their young kids and children playing outside the building or compound. Parents can have a telephonic conversation with their kids through intercoms. But today the modern day doorbells come with CCTV cameras. They help in monitoring the activities of kids, girls, suspicious neighbors as well as passersby.

This video intercom system incorporates video functions so that you can get a real time view of what is going on in or outside your home. This feature is ideal for a newborn. You can now keep a check on your children when they are home alone after school. You can also keep an eye on your premises or simply see if you let the lights on.

This system can be connected to your mobile phone. This way you always know what is going on and you can also communicate with home automation systems.

Other benefits

If you choose power bank wireless intercoms you can save on cost and escape hassles of cable wirings. Furthermore, wireless intercom systems provide you a lot more convenient especially if you have a huge house or you need to move from one room to another.

If you are looking for the best intercom systems in Franschhoek, Stellenbosch, Paarl, Wellington and Durbanville, get in touch with us.



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