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How an automatic gate increases your privacy and security in Stellenbosch

We offer Automatic gates and Gate motor repairs in Stellenbosch. Read the below blog to see why it is an important choice to install an automatic gate or have your current gate motor repaired.


There are many reasons why clients choose to install automatic gates on a property or business premises. For some, it’s about the convenience that comes with being able to open and close gates with ease, often without having to physically access them or, in the case of driveways, leave the car. Others install automatic gates due to the professional image they can give to visitors. One of the main reasons, however, for both home and business use, is the added security automatic gates can bring.


While not enough on their own to create a fully protected property, automatic gates can be a useful addition to any security measures. Here, we go through some of the main privacy and security benefits that automatic gates can provide.


A Visible Deterrent

As mentioned above, simply having a gate is not necessarily enough to make a property, home or business feel entirely secure. However, they do offer an extra layer of security solely with their presence. Having a gated entrance to the property is proven to act as a deterrent to potential thieves and trespassers, making it a useful addition to already secure premises.


Another Barrier to Entry

One of the other ways automatic gate systems – and gates in general – help with security and privacy is by adding another entrance that has to be passed before reaching the property. Tying into the point above, this is just another deterrent to potential trespassers and highlights the advantage of gate entrances as opposed to buildings with no barrier before reaching the door.


Of course, this, like many of the points mentioned here, relies on a secure perimeter to complement the gate. However, if a boundary forces people to go through the gates before reaching the property, the automatic gate will help to provide that added security.


Protecting the Field of View

Another important point that goes hand-in-hand with security is privacy. Whether it’s for the home or business, you and your clients will want the property to feel private and secure in equal measure. An automated gate can help provide this, primarily by protecting the entrance floor from onlookers.


A solid perimeter and automatic gate, as opposed to a grated exterior (such as metal fencing), will stop people from the outside from being able to see the first-floor windows and inside the property. This feature is particularly popular with homeowners with driveways, as they can keep their vehicles out of view. It also allows young children to enjoy their time outside without parents having to worry about onlookers.


Secure Access Systems

Another way you can complement the security and privacy of an automated gate system is by utilizing an access system, such as a keypad or intercom. By complimenting an automatic gate with these systems, you can further enhance the image that it gives to potential visitors, giving the appearance of heightened property security. However, these systems also add another layer of genuine protection, by asking people to fulfill tasks – be it requesting access or knowing a combination – before they can access as intended. We offer a range of Automatic Gates and Gate motor Repairs in Stellenbosch.

Automatic Closing

This point is one of the key selling features for any automatic gate system, particularly from a security and privacy standpoint. An automated gate system makes opening and closing gates considerably easier when compared to manual gates. This ease of use means that throughout its lifetime, the gate will spend more time locked than it would if it was operated manually.


Often, this difference in time is minimal. However, by being closed for longer, the security provided by the gate and perimeter can be fully utilized. This point makes automatic gates a crucial part of any secure property exterior.


Why choose us?

We say that you should choose us as we have years of experience installing automatic gates and do gate motor repairs in Stellenbosch. We strive to provide not only quality but also professional services. By doing so we provide the best and most beautiful installations. This also results in excellent repair work for the Public and Businesses. We also do work for Estates, Townhouse complexes, Letting companies, and Developers. Palisade fencing goes hand in hand with automatic gates as it adds another level of security to your home or business in Stellenbosch.


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